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DrinkBot Pro (Monthly)

DrinkBot Pro (Monthly)

The full powered beverage station.

The art of mixology delivered efficiently and consistently every time. 



  • Serve premium ingredients & drinks — smoothies, premium teas, oat milk and more
  • Superior Nitro-like drink textures with our patented blending technology.
  • Serve cold
  • On demand customization of sugar level, flavors and add-on shots. 
  • Semi-auto cleaning

Pricing Model

  • Reserve a DrinkBot Pro with a $485 reservation fee (fully refundable)
  • Future payments will be in the form of monthly subscriptions- $380-580 monthly
  • Our team will reach out to you to tailor the details of the subscription to your needs.
By purchasing, you agree to our terms and agreements and subscription terms

    Estimated ROI*

    Est. additional monthly profit: $2,600*
    Avg. profit per cup: $3.20
    Payback period: in 3 months
     *Calculations are based on 33 cup sales per day. This calculation is for general reference only.

    Ingredient Pricing

    • Average BiB price is $75 per BiB
    • Each BiB contains 1 gallon

    If you have more than 30 locations, please fill contact us for a special quote.


    Monthly $485.00 USD
    Monthly Sale price $485.00 USD
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    Drink Menus

    Choose a variety of menus from our drink library.

    You can customize the menu at any point during your subscription.